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“And I learn that love in movies is a lie, because no one will want to sit on a roof with you while you watch the sunrise and talk about the reasons why you are fucked up. No one will beat or will hit the one who spoiled you. No one will appreciate you talking about your mind, because that’s just a factor they appreciate when they haven’t got you yet. I know there is someone for everyone. But what if you could be the one for me? What if you changed for me? What if you sat on that roof and listened while I cried every time I felt worthless? And if we all counted the scars and trying to figure out how to make them go away? What if you listened to my endless rants and enjoyed it only? That would make you the person for me. I know that. And I would be ready to become the person for you. “
– extract from a book that I will never write.


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