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There is a growing divide within the Republican Party. Once upon a time, the vast majority of the GOP supported Trump, but as a result of his mismanagement of COVID and his downright disastrous response to the murder of George Floyd, cracks are starting to form.

Exhibit A: Donald Trump Jr. shared on Twitter what he thought was a tweet from “Antifa,A molehill that Fox News, Trump and William Barr turned into a political mountain. Unfortunately, this tweet was white nationalist group aimed at stoking racial violence in the United States. So either Donny Jr. is a doofus and fell into the trap, or he knew what he was doing. Neither option is excellent.

Exhibit B: Several prominent Republicans, on the other hand, speak out against the kind of fear and hatred that prompts Trump to commit. President George W. Bush, for example, issued a statement that contrasts sharply with Trump’s response. Mike Mullen, Former Trump chief of staff also convicted Trump in Atlantic op-ed.

Protests against murder of George Floyd have increased in recent days, about 40 American cities and even the cities of the world. Overall, the protesters are demanding one thing: an escalation of police brutality by demilitarizing the police. And how does Trump respond? By threatening to call the military if the state governors don’t control things. Asset called weak governors in a call, inciting them to further violence.

Protests are likely to continue to spread, in part due to the lack of federal leadership on the issue of police violence against the black community. Trump’s response to the protests has probably exacerbated them. Atlanta mayor even begged Trump to stop talking at all––Silence would be better than his inflammatory ramblings. Cornel West said that “we are witnessing the collapse of the legitimacy of leadership.

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