I’m a beauty editor – here are the summer skincare swaps I’m doing right now

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I am, for lack of a better expression, a total worshiper of the sun. It’s not that I’m addicted to tanning or anything (believe me, premature sun-induced aging means I’m coated with SPF 50 all summer), it’s just that I like really heat. As a person who lives in London where we spend most of the year wrapped in waterproof jackets, fighting broken umbrellas and wearing the soles of sturdy boots, I love the laid back, carefree nature of summer.

And I think it could have finally arrival. With the mercury finally reaching 72+, I opened the windows, removed the fan, put away my sweaters and removed my dresses and shorts. However, my wardrobe is not the only area where I have made substitutes. As the heat of the sun intensifies and the days get more humid, I also had to make some changes to my range of treatments.



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