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I was so happy to recover a lot of energy in the second trimester, after being completely exhausted at the start of my pregnancy. I felt a little too ambitious, however, trying to do a ton of house projects that I know will be more difficult after the baby arrives.

Favorite moments: My favorite moments with this baby are often just lying in the bed at night. I have time to sit still and feel the baby move. I also really like it when Sutton and Greyson ask to kiss the baby or feel the kick. Greyson always tells me how much he loves the baby.

Weight gain: I do not weigh myself at home and I did not ask during my last appointment. I will inform you in the next update.

Aches or pains: Lower back pain is real! I have a lot of lower back pain on my right side when I turn around at night or get up after sitting for a while.

Maternity clothes: I still haven’t bought one! Like I told you, girls, before, I don’t like buying maternity clothes, I like finding things that I can wear now and after pregnancy. So a lot of flowing dresses, leggings, biker shorts, elastic shorts.

My mood: I feel like I’m on an emotional roller coaster with all my pregnancy hormones. I have to remember every other day that I am incredibly hormonal. Add a death to the family, lust, and everything else has been very moving.

Exercise: I managed to maintain my exercise routine during this pregnancy about 5 times a week. With COVID, I have been working at home for 3 months. I love Obe fitness.

Excited About: Go to work and meet baby H!

Feeling: SO pregnant. I know, I know, everyone says that with each subsequent pregnancy, you manifest yourself earlier and your discomfort arrives sooner, but I didn’t know how extreme it would be! I feel 2-3 months away than I did with Greyson at any given time.

Genre: Boy! We announced it here!

Names: We don’t have a name yet. Michael and I cannot agree. We are rather on a middle name but nothing for first names at the moment. Sutton and Greyson we immediately decided.

Desire: really any food. Margaritas. Cereal. I’m so hungry all the time but at least my nausea is gone. I love the savory fries and the bread, but not as bad as the first quarter. Cereals (golden Graham) are my favorite late-night snack!



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