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When Trump took a stand against taking a knee (as it were), he had to important allies: NASCAR and the NFL. Now, he’s lost them both. This is a bad sign for Trump, he’s watching his approval ratings slip and other key allies flee.

Trump’s disapproval rating is 57%. Trump is not happy about that. He sent a cease and desist letter to CNN, demanding they retract the poll because he “felt” they were fake. You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The GOP may be in trouble. Trump is only focusing on his base, causing extreme anxiety that the GOP will lose the Senate in 2020. And, as a recent article from the Atlantic argues, we’re witnessing the end of the Trump regime.

Trump’s approval rating is slipping among Christians, which used to be among his most solid blocs. The New York Times reveals that evangelicals are abandoning him at a slow trickle, while a PRRI and SSRS poll reveals that support among Catholics has plummeted a whopping 23%.

Polls in key states show that older voters, one of Trump’s key blocs, are switching their allegiance to Joe BidenRecent polls have also shown the majority of voters in key swing states disapprove of Trump’s COVID response. Those states, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, are key swing states and recent polls have also indicated that Biden is more popular among voters.


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