What Do You Get for the Person Who Has Saved Your Life?

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About a month after I started my current job, I was hospitalized for a severe asthma attack.  I was upset at having to miss three days of work so soon after I started, but my then manager was really nice about the absence.

After I was discharged, my company,  a fairly large organization, assigned me a nurse care manager. These are RN’s or, registered nurses who work with employees within the company who have been noted as having complex health conditions.  The tasks of the nurses is to help the employees manage their health, be proactive in their care and ultimately keep costs down for the company.  My nurse’s name is Amanda and she is awesome.  Almost five years later we are still working together and my health issues have gotten even more complex.

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We’ve never met; have spoken only on the phone or via e-mail as the company she works for is located somewhere in the Midwest.  She talks about wanting to visit NYC with her daughter and grandchildren and I keep urging her to.  I’d love to meet her.

She saved my life in 2015.  I’d gone to the ER for what seemed to be a severe asthma attack.  The doctors sent me home.  The next day, I was still not feeling well, but working from home.  We had a conversation and she urged me to return to the ER.  She told me I still sounded “wheezy” and when I said I was also dizzy, she told me I had to go.  I was admitted and the next day, the doctor told me I had a pulmonary embolism the first radiologist had missed on the CT scan.

I’m so grateful to her.

She negotiates with my insurance company, puts me in touch with a pharmacist periodically to review my meds, coordinated with my many doctors.  She acts as my medical quarterback (which should be the job of my PCP).  She is the one who found a loophole so I was able to get into the rehabilitation facility after my stroke.

When the holidays rolled around this year, I wanted to show my appreciation by sending her a gift.  What do you send someone that’s not too personal, but screams “Thank You?”  I thought Bombas socks would be a great gift.  They had a colorful new design after the Sesame Street characters that were new this year, they are thick, comfortable and warm, perfect for those Midwest winters.

©Bombas|Women’s Sesame Street Big Bird Colorblock Socks

Source: ©Bombas|Women’s Sesame Street Big Bird Colorblock Socks

The first package I sent never made it to her.  It didn’t require a signature and somehow it never made it up from the mailroom.  Hmm.  Bombas was nice enough to replace the items and she finally received her “Christmas’ gift in the first week of February.  Amanda was estactic.  We e-mailed back and forth for about ten minutes.

The really nice thing about Bombas is for every pair of socks sold, they donate a pair.  Given the quality and their charitable contribution, plus if I can catch a sale, I usually don’t mind paying a bit more.

Especially for someone who has consistently gone above and beyond — like saving my life.


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