LeBron James and Other Sports Stars React to Bubba Wallace Finding a Noose in His Garage

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Last Night, NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace came into his garage for an unpleasant surprise. Before the race, he discovered that somebody left ‘a noose’ in his garage.

After the George Floyd incident, Wallace has been increasingly vocal about the recent incidents of racial discrimination in the county. On his call, NASCAR rallied behind him and put up a strong statement against racial discrimination.

After that, NASCAR decided to ban the Confederate flag from all venues. While a large majority from the racing community hailed the move, it appears that some people did not appreciate it. Since Wallace was the one that spearheaded the move, some people obviously blamed him for NASCAR getting rid of the tradition.

Additionally, Bubba posted his thoughts on Twitter. Many notable athletes like Lebron James and Jimmie Johnson tweeted in Bubba’s support.

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson extends his support to Bubba on Twitter.

Among the Wallace supporters is NBA star LeBron James, who has also criticized the action. James tweeted, “I just want to continue to say how proud I am of you for continuing to take a stand for change here in America and sports.”

Additionally, many other people from the community including Brad Keselowski and Dale Jr came out in support of Wallace.

Bubba Wallace will not go down without a fight

Bubba made a statement that this incident would only strengthen his resolve to fight for racial justice even harder. Suffice to say, lots of sports personalities stood in solidarity with Bubba Wallace and condemned the act.

The good news is that NASCAR is actively investigating the incident at Talladega. The sport insisted in a statement, that they are taking this very seriously. In addition to that, once the person’s identity is discovered, they will take strict action against them.

Additionally, many athletes and personals from the sporting community came out to show their support. Dirty Mo Media’s Mike Davis writes, “Whoever did this — and the few who condone it — will go the rest of their lives convincing themselves that their problems were caused by NASCAR or Bubba Wallace or the media when really they’ll be just from being a piece of shit.”

Additionally, many people posted tweets condemning the incident and the driver gained support on Twitter after Lebron’s tweet.


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