All cricket matches are fixed, says bookmaker Sanjeev Chawla

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XtraTime Web Office: British bookmaker Sanjeev Chawla, the main accused in the arranged matches scandal involving Hansie Cronje, told police that no cricket match was played fairly, all were corrected.

Chawla was brought back to India in February this year after taking refuge in the UK for two decades. He was the brains behind the biggest match-fixing scandals that rocked India involving former South African captain Hansie Cronje in the India South Africa series in 2000.

Recordings of Chawla’s conversation with the late Proteas captain revealed the biggest cricket corruption scandal. After chasing him for almost 20 years, police have successfully brought the 50-year-old man back to India after completing formalities for his extradition from a British court earlier this year. While the investigation was ongoing, Chawla made a shocking revelation by suggesting that no professional cricket match is 100% fair.

“No cricket match is played enough. All the cricket matches that people see are fixed, “he said, according to Indian Express.
According to Chawla, “there is an involvement of a very large union and an underground world mafia that controls what goes on in the game of cricket, just like” films that are already directed by someone “.

According to the report in the newspaper, Chawla also revealed that DCP (Crime Branch) investigative officer Dr G Ram Gopal Naik is in the underworld mafia hit list. He refused to disclose further details of his connection to the underworld, for fear of being killed as well.

“A very large union / underworld mafia is involved in this case and they are dangerous people and if he says something they will kill him,” he said.
The London-based bookmaker, born in New Delhi, admitted to having scheduled matches several times.


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