UFC Vegas: Gilbert Burns dismantles Tyron Woodley for five-round war

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Gilbert Burns dominates former champion Tyron Woodley at UFC Vegas.

Gilbert Burns defeated Tyron Woodley by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44 x2) at UFC Vegas on Saturday May 30, 2020, live from UFC Apex in Las Vegas, NV.

“I told you,” said Burns in his post-fight interview. “Thank you to my whole team … I trained so much for this fight. I knew I could do it. I called these guys for a reason. “

Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns, round 1

Burns steps forward. Woodley misses a left and a forehand. Low kick by Burns. And a weaker one. Left hand by Woodley. The two get closer and a heavy exchange! Burns lands some hard knocks on Woodley! Woodley breaks down! Burns jumps on him and unleashes ground! Burns stops his attack but stays on top, suffocating Woodley. Woodley tries to transition, but Burns stays on him. Woodley is open on his forehead, just above his left eye! Burns is in full mount; he tries a guillotine on one arm but cannot get it. Elbow by Burns. Burns is absolutely dominant so far here in the first round! The two exchange a few shots after a triangle missed by Burns. Woodley explodes and gets back on his feet, however. Body kick by Burns. Burns Sidekick does not arise completely. Left hand by Burns. Left to the body by Woodley. High kick by Woodley. Burns is missing an uppercut counter. Low kick by Burns. Woodley pretends with the right but Burns lifts his knee. Kick and a hook from Burns.

FanSided scores the 10-8 Burns round

Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns round 2

Not much improvement on the cut. Woodley works the jab. Woodley jumpsuit. Woodley’s big right hand. High kick by Burns. Front kick by Burns. Big exchange and Woodley wins a strong left. Woodley’s low kick. Left Jab by Burns. Body kick by Burns. Jab is missing for Woodley. Burns feigned butt misses the shot. Woodley pretends. The right hand does not fully connect for Burns. The low kick for Burns does not arise. Burns changes level and marks a withdrawal! Left hands to body by Burns. Shoulder by Burns. Woodley tries to sit against the cage. Burns fires some heavy rights, but Woodley gets up and takes a melee. The two bodies exchange gunshots as they move. A couple of knees and a couple of right hands by Burns. Woodley with a right hand but Burns controls the melee throughout. Woodley turns him over, leaning Burns against the wall of the cage.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Burns, 20-17 Burns in total

Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns round 3

Body kick by Burns. Left jab launched by Woodley. Woodley steps forward. Burns misses the left hook. Strong right hand upstairs by Woodley. One-two blocked by Burns. Burn with one-two. One by two by Burns and one of those shots landed dead. Counter left by Burns as he catches Woodley entering. Woodley responds. Body kick by Burns. Right hand by Burns. Burns with another right. Burns with a low kick and wetsuit. Burns slips. Kick by Burns as Woodley leaves for a body photo. Burns goes back upstairs. Right hand by Woodley. Low kick by Burns. Burns misses a low kick but turns him into a sidekick. Front kick by Burns. Burns’ body kick places Woodley against the cage. Body kick by Burns again. Low kick and hook by Burns. Another low kick from Burns, but he is missed. Woodley misses his left hand.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Burns, 30-26 Burns in total

Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns, round 4

Lots of watching themselves to start with. Burns enters, but Woodley counter and obtains the hooks in a melee, bringing Burns to the wall of the cage. Knees to the body by Burns. Burns turns him over and now Woodley’s back is against the wall. Burns landing several right hands on the body. Two minutes later, Herb Dean brings the action back to the center. Low kick stumbles Woodley. A few hard shots from Burns supporting Woodley. Knee hard to the body by Burns. Woodley stays outside, near the cage. A big right hand and a left and Woodley gets knocked down! Woodley grabs his legs and grabs Burns against the wall. Burns again reverses the position and shoots Woodley. Burns tries to take his back and lands a few hits. Woodley gets started from the bottom, but Burns flattens over and still lands. Burns winds up the deck and tries a guillotine in the last seconds. Burns even hooks the leg! But he can’t get it. The horn sounds.

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Burns, 40-35 Burns in total

Tyron Woodley vs. Gilbert Burns, round 5

Body kick by Burns. Burns is dismantled, but Woodley plays defensively back to the wall. Low kick by Burns and it’s a decisive battle against the cage. Lower knee by Burns. Shoulder by Woodley. Knee to body by Burns. Burns puts Woodley against the cage again. Woodley reverses the position three minutes from the end, but again places Burns against the cage. Burns with a few left hands on the head. Referee Herb Dean calls to action but must put it back in the center. Burns enters but misses the left. Low kick by Burns. Nice hook by Woodley but not everything. Low kick by Burns. The kick for Burns is blocked. Woodley arrives with a powerful left, but Burns dodges and makes a level exchange for a dismantling. Woodley reverses the position and leaves the body to body. Burns again supports Woodley with a punch and a low kick. Another low blow. Left hand by Burns. Left hand blocked by Burns. Woodley’s left hand is blocked. Some Woodley’s right hands and the horn sounded. What a performance by Burns!

FanSided scores the round 10-9 Burns, 50-44 Burns in total

It was Woodley’s first fight since losing the UFC welterweight championship to Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 in March 2019. This fight sparked a streak of seven undefeated fights with Woodley. Woodley won the title by eliminating Robbie Lawler at UFC 201 and retained it four times against Stephen Thompson (twice – a draw and a win), Demian Maia and Darren Till.

Burns entered the competition on a five-game winning streak and was previously seen in action at UFC Brasilia in March. There, he scored a major first round for Demian Maia to place his eyes in the welterweight division on him.

With the win, Burns is now 4-0 in welterweight and is now fully in the picture for the UFC welterweight title.

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UFC Vegas took place on Saturday May 30, 2020, live from UFC Apex in Las Vegas, NV. Follow FanSided MMA for all your news and highlights.

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