Protesters rally in London, Berlin on the death of George Floyd

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London: Hundreds of people demonstrated in London and Berlin on Sunday to protest the marches in the United States. When a white policeman knelt in Minneapolis, a black man died in a video. The video showed the death of a black man.

Protesters knelt in Trafalgar Square in central London, shouting “There is no justice, there is no peace”, then the parade crossed the Capitol and ended the parade in front of the American Embassy.

Hundreds of protesters also held a rally at the US Embassy in Berlin, waving banners with the words “Defend George Freud”, “Stop killing us” and “Who is the most annoying person”.

The death of George Floyd after his arrest on Monday sparked protests in the United States and long-term anger at racial prejudice in the United States criminal justice system.

When protesters blocked traffic, burned down and clashed with riot police, some rallies turned violent and some fired tear gas and plastic bullets to restore order.



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