The UN created a sport about defending the ozone layer

How do you educate a youthful crowd to understand and defend the ozone layer? By weaving the science into the video games they play, apparently. As Eurogamer reports, the UN’s Surroundings Programme is releasing a Reset Earth sport for Android and iOS that duties you with nothing lower than saving the ozone layer. You play as three teenagers from 2084 who need to journey again in time to make sure the signing of the 1987 Montreal Protocol, protect the ozone and forestall the rise of a virus referred to as “the develop.”

The sport is tied to a similarly-titled animated sequence. It’s billed as a “2D platform runner” with puzzle fixing primarily based in your characters’ distinctive talents, comparable to hacking units, slowing time and even exploding manhole covers. This received’t be a very in-depth journey sport or perhaps a advanced shooter like Fortnite, however that’s not likely the purpose — it’s meant to show science in an interesting means.

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