The way Kohli approaches each version of the game is simply phenomenal, says Robin Uthappa

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Robin Uthappa praised Virat Kohli’s multifaceted stick in all three formats and said the way he approaches different shapes is simply inspiring. The former Indian star further said that Kohli has an incredible ability to change guard suddenly even in tests when you least expect it.

Virat Kohli initially seemed out of place in the cricket test, but since this century against Australia in Adelaide in 2011, he has been a completely different character. ODI cricket came to him most naturally, but with the strength of his own free will and a strong work ethic, he ensured that his game reached the top as the best drummer in all formats of the modern era. Robin Uthappa highlighted this part of Kohli’s character by saying that his approach was on a different level.

“Even Virat, by the way, when you watch him beat from one version of the game to another, you can see how well he has planned each version of the game. In one-day cricket, he almost never hits the balloon the air, unless completely necessary during the game, “said Uthappa on Star Sports” Cricket Connected “, PTI reported.

“Likewise, in Test cricket, it will only hit the ball in the air once it has passed 120 or 150. But in T20 cricket, it pulls out the big shots and its big orthodox shots that you don’t think not even that he will play, because you’ve seen him play so much good cricket on the field in ODI & Test cricket that you don’t expect him to play. Suddenly bowlers have to plan for each version of the game . “

Karnataka cricketer, who had some of the most incredible years at Kolkata Knight Riders before moving to Rajasthan Royals this year, said it’s inspiring to see how Kohli approaches his work in three game formats .

“To me, someone like Virat, the way he approaches each version of the game is just phenomenal. It’s a little inspiring, like what has to cross that mind so he can concede those ideas and say, ‘ Okay, these are my shots for T20 cricket, these are my shots for one-day cricket, and these are my shots for 5-day cricket. It’s just amazing, “he said. .

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