Rohit and Kohli define the actors of India in the modern era, insists Kumar Sangakkara

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Kumar Sangakkara said that there was something special about Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma and the duo were two key players for the Indian side in the current era. The legendary Sri Lankan goalkeeper added that the duo’s simple playing style made them very effective.

Indian cricket has been incredibly lucky in the sense that they have had legendary and phenomenal cricketers in their game history, almost like a knock-on, to mark the ages with one-handed domination. Whether it’s a certain Vijay Merchant or Sunil Gavaskar, whether it’s a Kapil Dev or a Sachin Tendulkar, whether it’s a Mohammed Azharuddin or an MS Dhoni, there have been many stories of cricket demigods in India.

Just like that, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma marked modern cricket with so much dominance, the duo being much better when it comes to white ball cricket. Kumar Sangakkara said that their dominance has given Indian cricket so many victories and memories.

“There is something very special about Virat and Rohit. The fact that the rules have changed and the scoring could have become a little easier in day cricket, but it’s incredibly difficult, the volume cricket that Indian athletes play. So I think you should have a lot of respect for Rohit and Virat, but understand that this is all due to the players who came before and who also did all the hard work, “said Sangakkara on Star Sports “Cricket Connected,” reported ToI.

“So it’s a ripple effect, so in every era there is always a defining pair, and in the modern era it’s Rohit and Virat for India for sure. If you look at Rahul and Dada, both are Orthodox drummers. ” They play great cricket shots and are technically correct. Dravid may be a little more, but the ability to be as destructive with rhythm and precision of typing is something that must be truly admired. “

While speaking of the past, Sangakkara, who had a side view of Indian cricket, first as a cricketer who played against India more than any other country and secondly for his association in the Indian Premier League, applauded Rohit and Kohli for the music they bring with their orthodoxy.

“If you take the modern day match, India has two of the best players from Virat and Rohit, who play Orthodox cricket but who are just absolutely destructive in any format of the game. to muscle the ball or put too much effort or look ugly while doing it, they just play good cricket shots and the results come, “he concluded.

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