Gallen goes wild in the championship thanks to Xerri

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Former Sharks skipper Paul Gallen threw a wilting throw at top league Mark ‘Spudd’ Carroll after Carroll accused him of supporting Bronson Xerri.

Carroll criticized Gallen for his comments after Bronson Xerri’s positive test for banned substances, saying the big Sharks defended Xerri’s actions while referring to Gallen and the Sharks’ supplement scandal.

“I can’t believe this kid did this and now Gallen wants to support him and say it was okay,” he told 2GB Drive.

“Are you making jokes?” Buddy, you don’t take drugs. If you want to take drugs, you don’t play our game.

Paul Gallen pulled no punches responding to comments from Mark Carroll (Getty)

“Gallen, he was slapped on the wrist for what he did, he got away with it and this child is going to have to pay the penalty.”

However, Gallen took offense at Carroll’s comments, accusing him of being two-faced and speaking behind his back.

“First of all,” for what I did, “we all know it was a club run program where the players were tricked and doped,” he told 2GB. Wide World of Sports Radio.

“I was one of 16 players to plead guilty and I bet the goose could not name two or three other players.

Bronson Xerri is currently facing a temporary suspension pending his ASADA B sample (AAP)

“I love the big guy with the big face. I was with Mark Carroll probably three or four months ago, I had lunch with him, he shakes my hand, he is the best of my friends, handsome like a pie and (then) want to go on the radio and say things like that.

“If you don’t like someone and you think someone did the wrong thing, don’t shake their hand and be nice to them, be a man about it and say,” Mate, you did the wrong thing, I don’t I don’t think it’s a two-faced coward.

“I have so many guys talking behind me about what happened in Cronulla and who have no idea what really happened, but when I see them, they are nice to me.”

“Then they want to go on the radio and be known, all he’s trying to do is create a title and probably find a job because he’s stupid.”


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